40L (20L+20L) Phantom Recycling Series Stainless Steel Autobin With Inner Bucket

40L (20L+20L) Phantom Recycling Series Stainless Steel Autobin With Inner Bucket

Slimline Dual Capacity Smart Bin with Innovative Style

The exquisite beauty of this smart bin is designed to improve the image and appearance of any environment. The slimline dustbin is a perfect amalgamation of beauty and intelligence.
The infrared smart bin is not just extremely practical and user-friendly but designed to fit in areas where space is limited such as against worktops.
The bin has a dual capacity of 45-Litres or 70-Litres which makes it an ideal choice for the home, office or any other location where a bin is needed and the quantity of waste can vary.
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With hygiene being an important part of everyday life, the Phantom Series has been created to complement users lifestyles whilst being efficient and easy to use. This smart bin has an automatic opening lid which makes the usage very sophisticated and simple at the same time.

Users of the smart bin will be impressed with the ease of use when the lid automatically opens once the infrared sensor detects the movement of the user. The range of the infrared reaches up to ten inches away, making the usage both convenient and beneficial for reducing the physical contact with the lid. By minimising the physical interactions with the lid will help to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Programmed to close in under half a second, the lid will trap any smells and stinks within the tight-fitting lid.

On the lid is a manual override button that will allow the user to keep the lid of the bin in an open position. This is useful for when the user needs to change the bin liner of the bin or dispose of large quantities of waste.

Our patented Silenex-Technology is installed on the lid of the bin and the soft-close is ideal for keeping the amount of noise the lid makes to near silence.

With a slimline design, the Phantom Series bin is small enough to fit against countertops. The lid opens from the centre and is similar to the opening of a butterflies wings helping to maximise the height clearance.

Within the smart bin is a removable inner-bucket. The removable bucket makes changing the bin liner a breeze. It is quick to remove using the side handles and will prevent any garbage water from leaking into the bottom of the bin.

As a dual capacity of either 45-litres or 70-litres smart bin, the user is able to quickly increase the storage of waste within the bin, making it ideal for environments where waste quickly accumulates or when the refuse if not frequently changed.

The Phantom Series slimline bin is designed to fit restricted areas without taking up much space. Made from brushed stainless steel, the commercial-grade exterior is built to withstand fingerprints, stains and smudges from dirtying the outer surface. Firmly fixed to the bottom of the bin is an anti-skid ABS plastic that will prevent the bin from moving around or leaving any marks or scratches on the floor surface.

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