Replacement Ring For The 80 Litre Maxi Series Autobin

Replacement Ring For The 80 Litre Maxi Series Autobin

A robust and strong replacement head for the Maxi series 80-Litre Autobin

A robust and strong replacement head for the Maxi series 80-Litre Autobin

Replacement Battery Cover For The 80 Litre Maxi Series Autobin

DZT4-BC Replacement Battery Cover

- Replacement battery cover for the 80 Litre & 80L Recycling Maxi Autobin Series
- Replacement battery cover for the infrared bin
- Designed to be used in conjunction with the quiet lid which uses the New Silenx Technology ™
- Made of durable ABS Plastic – slots into place securely
- Easy to fit and remove for battery changes
- Can be used with the Maxi Series or Maxi Recycling Series
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Replacement Battery Covers are available for the 80 Litre Maxi & 80L Maxi Recycling Series Autobin. We are able to offer quick check out and fast delivery.

Covers and cases get lost or damaged all the time in homes and busy environments, so we have made it as easy and convenient to replace parts for your Autobin.

The replacement battery cover is designed to securely hold your batteries in place.

Should the batteries become loose or fall out, the infrared sensor will not function correctly.

In order to maintain your existing clean environment, it is advisable to ensure the infrared function is working correctly at all times.

By having the infrared sensor correctly functioning will help to minimise contact with the bin and the risk of spreading germs or cross-contamination.

We continue to raise the high standards set in the waste management industry as well as homes, offices and other fast-moving environments such as medical facilities and schools.

Things get lost in busy office environments or around the home such as the back cover of TV remote control or the cover to your bin battery cover.

Since its launch, the Maxi-Series Autobin range has made shown to be a best seller for those that require a high-capacity bin. Sales have proven popular with large families and offices.

The entire Maxi-Series range is made from a stainless steel exterior and has a lasting design that is easy to use, visually pleasing to the eye and looks slim considering the capacity the bin can hold.

The Replacing Battery Cover is made from durable ABS Plastic that quickly slots into place on your Autobin maintaining the practicality of the infrared sensor.

Our continuing commitment to customer service we felt it only right to continue offering replacement parts for the Maxi-Series Autobin.

Compatible with:
- 80 Litre Maxi Series Autobin
- 80 Litre (40L+40L) Maxi Series Recycling Autobin

CAUTION: Please take careful note,
Our replacement heads and accessories ONLY fit our own brand of products. Whilst they may seem similar or identical look BUT they will not fit brands that are not manufactured by us.
To avoid such mistakes that could work out costly and inconvenience, we recommend the following steps:
1. Under each lid, please check for a reference
2. Refer to our model chart and range
3. Please note the following brands that will fit:
4. Email us an image of your complete bin, our email ID:
5. If still in doubt, please email or call us direct on 0333 220 5471

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