A smart sensor dustbin that is small, compact and perfect in every way.

A smart sensor dustbin that is small, compact and perfect in every way.

12L Toe tap hands, pedal & TOUCH free kitchen waste bin with self-opening and closing lid

12L Toe tap hands, pedal & TOUCH free kitchen waste bin with self-opening and closing lid

32-Litre Cylinder Series Stainless Steel Autobin


Experience the ease of cleaning with our 32-litre Autobin from the Cylinder Series which is made with brushed stainless steel which prevents smudges and fingerprint marks. Its slim circular design makes the exterior high-class and majestic. The exclusive construction prevents bin bags from sticking to the inside of the bin.
The 32-litre Cylinder Series Autobin was made to reduce the spread of germs by using the infrared sensor motion technology which enables the bin to operate (open and close) without the need for touching the lid.
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The 32-litre Cylinder Series Autobin is versatile and ideal for use anywhere, with its expensive look and elegant design, it resides in any environment.

One of the reasons for its slimline tapered design was to prevent bin bags from getting stuck to the inner surface of the bin, making it easier to remove and change the bin bag.

This smart bin is equipped with the motion sensor technology which will help reduce the spread of dirt and germs. The smart bin helps to reduce cross-contamination and stops bad odours and smells from escaping the tight fitting lid. The impeccable feature is that the quickly closing lid has quite motion feature and a soft-close.

The 32-litre Cylinder Series has infrared technology which opens the lid automatically when the user is within a 10-inch radius of it and closes the lid as soon as the user walks away.

When the task of replacing the bin bag and disposing of the rubbish arrives, there is a manual override button available at the front of the lid which the user can leave in the open position for longer periods of time.

Another amazing feature of the smart bin is the bag retainer ring fitted inside the bin. This retaining ring prevents the bag from slipping and sagging within the bin and makes the job of removing the bin bag easier.

The patented infrared motion sensor technology has another interesting factor, it consumes small amounts of energy and therefore the batteries last for a longer period of time. This feature is due to the power-saving sensor. The smart bin requires only 4 x D-sized batteries which makes it very convenient to power up and use.

The smart bin is made from brushed stainless steel which is resistant to fingerprints, smudges and is smear-free. Your bin will look spotless all the time and you don’t have to worry about sanitisation issues.

The slimline tapered design makes it ideal for any location such as homes, schools, offices and even hospitals.

The smart bin is hygiene friendly and designed to prevent cross-contamination as there is no need to touch the bin helping to create a germ-free environment for your friends, family and co-workers.
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