42 Litre Oval Series Stainless Steel Autobin

42 Litre Oval Series Stainless Steel Autobin

50 Litre Oval Series Stainless Steel Autobin

50 Litre Oval Series Stainless Steel Autobin

35-Litre / 50-Litre Perfect Series Stainless Steel Autobin With Inner Bucket

Brimming with features the Perfect Series has a multi capacity waste storage and is also an infrared smart bin that has an elegant minimalist design made from high-quality solid stainless steel.
This stylish, square smart sensor bin has beautifully rounded corners making it look sleek and elegant. Built for both practicality and simplicity the Perfect Series is perfect in every way making it ideal for the home, workplace or everywhere else a bin is required.
The smart bin has been created to hold 35-litres as standard or expand up to 50-litres of waste. Being able to hold varying amounts of garbage is beneficial when the dustbin fills up.
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Contemporary and versatile the Perfect Series stainless steel smart bin has been crafted in a timeless classic square shape making it ideal for use in the home, office or any environment where a dustbin is needed with a touch of style.

The Perfect Series benefits from the latest state-of-the-art infrared motion-activated sensor. The sensor has a powerful range that can detect the movement of a user up to ten inches away from the dustbin.

The sensor is perfectly placed on the black plastic lid to detect users from the wide-angled infrared beam. The smart bin lid is programmed to open in under half a second and will remain open for the user for up to five seconds before quickly closing shut trapping any odours or smells inside.

The lid can be manually controlled by the override button and keep the lid open for longer. Fitted with soft-closing hinges, the lid will gently close in under half a second once the user moves away from the smart bin. The patented 'Silenex Technology' will ensure that the lid will close in silence and further enhances the experience of the user.

Using an infrared sensor to open the lid of the bin helps to reduce the chances of spread of germs and potential cross-contamination by eliminating the need for any human contact with the lid.

To help contain spills or wastewater from leaking out of the bin liner, we have included an inner bucket. The inner bucket can be easily removed for easy cleaning, changing the bin liner or to increase the dustbin capacity from 35 to 50 litres.

The entire bin has been made to resist picking up stains, smudges and fingerprints including the outer body of the dustbin which is made from premium grade stainless steel whilst the lid and base is made from hard plastic designed not scratch nor damage your surfaces.

The model uses 4 x AA batteries that power the automatic bin model. If used 20 times a day, the batteries can last up to 12 months. The smart bin offers a digital display that indicates opening and closing counts of the lid.

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