42 Litre Oval Series Stainless Steel Autobin

42 Litre Oval Series Stainless Steel Autobin

The best trash bins with some amazing features and an awesome design

This is an outstanding trash bin by Autobin presented in our Ladybird Series. This series of trash bins are smaller in size and are perfect to be kept in areas with limited space. The sleek body, semi-circle design is made to look presentable when kept in the kitchen.
Added to this, the 50-Litre version has been launched recently in 2019 to give you a bigger option of trash bin. After the success of the 2-Litre and 12-Litre versions, this is our third version and the largest (as of yet) trash bin of this series.
With the unique way the lid opens, the bin can fit in bathrooms or under the kitchen sink. The Ladybird wing styled opening lid is specifically designed to give you a more subtle way to throw the garbage straight into the bin.
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One of our most advanced and heavy-duty trash bins in this series, the DZT47-20 trash bin under the counter Ladybird series is something that every washroom and kitchen should have. You will find that this trash bin has an amazing design that allows for easy placement along the wall. The curved front body which is made out of stainless steel further amplifies the overall appearance.

Talking about the technologies embedded into this cute trash bin. The infrared motion sensor will detect your hand approaching from a distance of 10 inches. We have put some smart functions into this trash bin which will not let you experience any kind of issue. The hands-free operation limits the user from physical contact with the bin.

By not touching the bin means that you will not be exposed to germs and bacteria that are often found around the trash bins in our homes or offices. Moreover, the name Ladybird comes from the lid opening and closing sequence which resembles a Ladybird’s wings.

The benefit of this particular sequence of lid opening is that you will get a vertical view from the top. So, placing is along the side of the wall or the kitchen shelf will help you throw the garbage straight into the bin.

The Ladybird 50-Litre will run up to 24 months straight on the single set of batteries. Plus, we have installed a retaining ring to stop bin liners do not slip down or bulge inside the bin only to cause problems when it is time to empty the trash.

The stainless steel body is made to be smudge-resistant and fingerprint-proof. You can easily display your trash bin out in the open because we have also added a style statement to the trash bins from the Ladybird series.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Ladybird 50-Litre trashbin today.

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