The best trash bins with some amazing features and an awesome design

The best trash bins with some amazing features and an awesome design

35-Litre / 50-Litre Perfect Series Stainless Steel Autobin With Inner Bucket

35-Litre / 50-Litre Perfect Series Stainless Steel Autobin With Inner Bucket

42 Litre Oval Series Stainless Steel Autobin


The 42-litre Oval Series from Autobin is the ideal automated dustbin for those that like to make a style statement. The Oval Series itself is a depiction of elegance and luxury. Its mid-range capacity makes it ideal to fit under counters or stand independently next to a wall.
The Oval Series comes with infrared technology installed as standard, which is very beneficial as it allows the user to control the bin automatically without touching the dustbin lid.
The 42-litre has all the features of the 50-litre Oval Series and the smaller capacity Oval bins and our customers have always been impressed regardless of size.
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The 42-litre Oval Series is the must-have for any household or office as it is so user-friendly.

The stylish design is ideal for any environment such as home, school, hospitals, offices, industrial and catering businesses.

The Oval Series is unlike any normal 42-litre bin, it uses the patented infrared motion sensor technology which operates the garbage bin without the need for touching it with your hands. Just a simple wave from 10-inch away is all that you need to open the lid. The lid closes after 5 seconds or as soon as the user moves away.

Another wonderful feature of the Oval Series is the new Silenx technology which opens and closes the lid silently, without making any noise. It uses the soft close and quiet motion technology which helps the 42-litre bin to maintain its silence whilst in operation. The lid will trap smells and odours within the bin and stop them from escaping.

Our aim at Autobin is to create a hygienic environment for your family. The no-touch feature of the 42-litre Oval Series greatly reduces the chances of cross-contamination and is also eco-friendly to use.

The 42-litre Oval Series is highly robust and durable, as it is made from Type 430 stainless steel which keeps it dust and dirt-free, whilst being fingerprint and smudge-free to give the bin a clean and tidy look.

To make life easier, we have included a removable ring. The removable ring are suitable with any type of bin liner. The removable ring prevents the bin liner from sticking or sagging to the inside of the bin, keeping the interior clean as well.

Changing and replacing bin liner is not a hassle now as it is one of the features that attract our users the most.

Protect your flooring with its non-skid base. This non-skid base prevents the Autobin from removing and hence no scratches on your floor.

Don’t go on its size, it has a high storage capacity and all the features of 50 litre Autobin of the oval series making it an essential for any environment.

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