12 Litre Oval Series Stainless Steel Autobin

12 Litre Oval Series Stainless Steel Autobin

12L Toe tap hands, pedal & TOUCH free kitchen waste bin with self-opening and closing lid

12L Toe tap hands, pedal & TOUCH free kitchen waste bin with self-opening and closing lid



The 8-litre Autobin is the smallest capacity bin in the Oval Series range.
We have created this versatile and practical dustbin to be used in areas where space is a commodity such as in bathrooms, bedroom, under the kitchen sink or as a desk bin.
Autobin has equipped the Oval Series Autobin with an infrared motion sensor that allows the user to operate the bin without having to touch the bin leading to fewer germs being spread.
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The Oval Series is fitted with infrared motion sensor technology which allows the user to operate the dustbin automatically without the need for physically touching the lid or any other part of the bin.

The lid of the Oval Series bin is fitted with an infrared sensor. This infrared sensor is water-resistant and will operate even when the users' hands are wet. The lid of the trash can will open when a users hand is within 10-inches of the bin. The cover of the dustbin is programmed to stay open for up to 5 seconds and will close the cover when the user moves away or is out of range. The lid will quickly close shut in under half a second and will prevent odours from escaping the bin.

The Oval Series includes our trademarked 'Silenx Technology' in which the dustbin lid is soundless and does not make any noise when either opening or closing. To further enhance the quietness of the Autobin we have added a 'soft-close' hinges that gently closes the lid.

Also, the Oval Series is fitted with a power-saving mode that enables the bin to go into 'sleep' state until the motion sensor detects the movement of a user. By adding the power-saving mode users have been able to extend the battery life whilst reducing the number of battery changes.

To make life easier, we have included a removable inner bucket. A bucket inside the bin makes it even easier to use, to empty and to keep clean. The result? A more hygienic bin, requiring less time and effort spent cleaning it and bin liners that are faster and easier to change when required.

The Oval Series is made from high-quality commercial-grade Type 430 stainless steel. The stainless steel is resistant to stains, fingerprints and smudges making it easier to clean and maintain your bin.

Like the larger capacity bins in the Oval Series, all the features have been designed and focused on the accessibility of use for those with disabilities, aliments and who may find it hard to operate a traditional dustbin.

The garbage can is fitted with a non-skid base. The non-skid base has been developed to stand on any type of flooring without moving around or leaving any marks on your floor surface.

Using a hands-free dustbin in the home or office reduces the spread of germs and infections.

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