A smart sensor dustbin that is small, compact and perfect in every way.

A smart sensor dustbin that is small, compact and perfect in every way.



12 Litre Oval Series Stainless Steel Autobin


The 12-litre Autobin is the second smallest capacity bin in the Oval Series range.
The small capacity of this bin has made it a popular bin for use in small and tight spaces such as in the bathroom, as a desk bin, under the sink and in areas where small amounts of waste accumulate.
The 12-litre Oval Series Autobin is equipped with infrared motion sensor technology, which lets you operate the bin without having to touch it, meaning there will be fewer germs being spread.
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The Oval Series is fitted with infrared motion sensor technology which allows the user to operate the bin automatically without the need for touching.

The infrared sensor will open the lid of the dustbin when a user is within a 10-inch radius of the bin. The lid of the bin will remain open for up to 5 seconds and will close the lid when the user moves away. The lid is tight-fitting and will prevent odours from escaping the bin.

Included in the motion sensor of the Oval Series is the power-saving mode which will put the bin in a 'sleep mode' until the sensor detects movement of a user. The power-saving mode will extend the life of your batteries and reduce the number of battery changes over the years.

We have incorporated our new 'Silenx Technology' into the 12-litre dustbin which will open and close the lid in silence. The lid also has a soft close feature, which stops the lid from slamming shut and making any noise.

The Oval Series features a retaining ring to carefully hold the bin liner in place at the top of the bin. The retaining ring is important for making the chore of replacing and disposing of the rubbish easy and convenient. The retaining ring will help prevent the bin bag from drooping in the bin or affixing against the inside of the bin.

Like the entire Oval Series, the 12-litre capacity infrared bin is made from high-quality commercial-grade Type 430 stainless steel. The stainless steel is resistant to stains, fingerprints and smudges making it easier to clean and maintain your shiny Autobin making it ideal for use at home, in the office, school and hospitals.

Like the larger capacity bins in the Oval Series, all the features have been designed and focused on the accessibility of use for those with disabilities, aliments and who would find it hard to operate the bin.

The garbage can is fitted with a non-skid base. The non-skid base has been developed to stand on any type of flooring without moving around or leaving any marks on your floor surface.

Using a hands free dustbin in the home or office reduces the spread of germs and infections.

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