Replacement Rings For The 70 Litre 3 Compartment Oval Plus Recycling Series Autobin

Replacement Rings For The 70 Litre 3 Compartment Oval Plus Recycling Series Autobin

Replacement Ring For The 50 & 42 Litre Oval Plus Recycling Series Autobin

These replacement rings are specially made for the 50 & 42-litre infrared sensor Autobin which belongs to the Oval Plus Recycling Series. Replacement rings are made for the purpose to prevent the bin bag from sinking inside the bin and maintain its shape.
The Replacement Rings are manufactured by Autobin, as a part of the accessories used in its operation.
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Replacement Rings are made to serve the purpose of holding the bin bag securely in place, preventing it from dropping inside the bin and losing its shape.

The Autobin comes with a Replacement Rings bin bag but it may lose its capability along with time, heavy baggage can cause the bin liner to sink into the bin and get damaged.

The Replacement Rings has been manufactured to the same high standards of the original bin bag and enhances the life of your motion-activated infrared sensor Autobin. The Replacement Rings has been specifically made to be used for the 50 & 42-litre Oval Plus Recycling Series Autobin.

These specialised Replacement Rings have been made from high-grade ABS Plastic to give a rigid and stronghold which lasts long.

The most common problem faced with the bin liners is that they lose grip over the bin bags and it results in the dispersal of all the rubbish and ultimately the germs which are another threat to the hygienic environment. It also keeps the bin liner out of sight and prevents its look from being spoiled.

The Replacement Rings have been crafted technically to be durable and reliable. These are capable of bearing the pressure of loaded bin bags and prevent it from harming the structure of the bin.

By protecting the bin bag, we are indirectly protecting the Autobin which can serve us better and longer.

Despite being rigid and strong the rings can be inserted with ease and is also replaced or changed without any extra effort. Should the original rings get damaged you can easily replace it.

Autobin produces high-quality products. To complement them in the best way, the spare and replacement parts are available to keep your Autobin in the best of condition.

It has to be used with the quiet lid of the motion-activated infrared sensor Autobin which is based on the New Silenx Technology. Thus, the soft lid makes no noise when in operation and the replacement ring is associated with it.

The Oval Plus Recycling Series is based upon the latest technology and crafted with artistic sight. All the pieces of this category are unique in their way.

This one has been designed specifically for the following pieces:
50 Litre Oval Plus Recycling Series Autobin
42 Litre Oval Plus Recycling Series Autobin

CAUTION: Please take careful note.
Our replacement heads and accessories ONLY fit our own brand of products. Whilst they may seem similar or identical look BUT they will not fit brands that are not manufactured by us.
To avoid such mistakes that could work out costly and inconvenience, we recommend the following steps:
1. Under each lid, please check for a reference
2. Refer to our model chart and range
3. Please note the following brands that will fit:
4. Email us an image of your complete bin, our email ID:
5. If still in doubt, please email or call us direct on 0333 220 5471
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