Replacement Battery Cover For The 50 Litre and 42 Litre Oval Plus & Oval Plus Recycling Series Autobin

Replacement Battery Cover For The 50 Litre and 42 Litre Oval Plus & Oval Plus Recycling Series Autobin

Replacement Head For The 50 Litre and 42 Litre Oval Plus & Oval Plus Recycling Series Autobin

The replacement head which has been crafted with hard ABS plastic work as a spare part in the case of the loss of the original one.
This one specifically fits the 50-litres and 42-litre Oval Plus Autobin from the recycling autobin series. Equipped with the latest Eagle Eye Technology for the sensor motion, which makes the lid operate completely free of touch. The lid is designed to resist dirt and dust and also prevent the spreading of germs via cross-contamination. The quiet lid has been constructed with the New Silenx Technology which causes no noise while operating. The battery of the Autobin works on the principle of low-energy consumption.
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No matter how strong or high-quality a product is, it may eventually suffer loss and that is why Replacement Heads have been designed for the specific Autobins.

These are specialised lids that are made of rigid ABS plastic work which can be placed in case of any damage to the original lid of the Autobin.

This one has been designed specifically for the following pieces:
50 Litre Oval Plus Series Autobin
42 Litre Oval Plus Series Autobin
50 Litre Oval Plus Recycling Series Autobin
42 Litre Oval Plus Recycling Series Autobin

This replacement head consists of all the features that exist on the Oval Plus Recycling Series lid.

The Oval Plus Recycling Series is equipped with the modern Eagle Eye Technology Motion Infrared Sensor. The sensor is capable of detecting any movement at the distance of 10 inches and reacts instantly by opening the lip which remains open for 5 seconds and then automatically closes tightly.

The motion-activated infrared sensor is water-resistant enhancing the working capacity.

Another remarkable feature is the New Silenx Technology which enables its operation in absolute silence.

100% hands-free operation enables is the most useful feature which assists in maintaining a hygienic environment by preventing the dispersal of pathogens through the lid.

Such professional features might have made you think that it consumes a lot of energy while the reality is the opposite, the lid is an energy-efficient product that makes extended use of its battery.

The battery life, is up to 24 months, depending upon the condition of the product and amount of its usage.

All the products of the Oval Plus Series Recycling Series are resistant against dirt and dust. The shiny exterior of the Autobin prevents trapping any sort of dirt or dust particles which protects the look of the bin and enhances its work life.

Another exciting feature is that a battery cover is also included with this package which will fit either of the 42-litre or 50-litre Oval Plus Recycling Series Replacement Head.

All these features make this product the perfect pick for your Oval Plus Recycling Series bin that is manufactured and sold under the label of Autobin.

CAUTION: Please take careful note.
Our replacement heads and accessories ONLY fit our own brand of products. Whilst they may seem similar or identical look BUT they will not fit brands that are not manufactured by us.
To avoid such mistakes that could work out costly and inconvenience, we recommend the following steps:
1. Under each lid, please check for a reference
2. Refer to our model chart and range
3. Please note the following brands that will fit:
4. Email us an image of your complete bin, our email ID:
5. If still in doubt, please email or call us direct on 0333 220 5471
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