20 Litre Toe Tap Series Stainless Steel Autobin

20 Litre Toe Tap Series Stainless Steel Autobin

50L Toe tap hands-touch or pedal free, Kitchen pedal less automatic rubbish bins with self-opening lids

50 Litre Toe Tap Series Stainless Steel Autobin
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Modern families commonly attract large and accumulation of waste disposal. Our daily activities engage us with food and general disposing of trash. How we deal with hygiene and disposing of garbage, remain our human responsibility, addressing health and care that prevents our loved ones from experiencing illnesses and been victims of infections.

At smart autobins, we design the latest product innovations creating and producing new solutions that meet improvements in combating the spread of germs and infections — our delivery of solutions is to keep our planet and people safe.

We design, attractive, eye-pleasing and elegant waste bins for home and kitchens. Up to now, they all have been sensor-activated bins by a wave of hands.

We Like to introduce you to the Toe-Tap experience. This is the new generation of dustbins that are activated by sensors at the foot. For all those pedal steps on waste bin lovers, this is the future moving forward.

By merely tapping or kicking the foot button, the reaction of opening and the closing feature is delivered at your disposal!

The process is unaffected by not pressing, but by tapping the foot button, this will activate the opening of the bin, subject to no further action, this will remain open for about 6 seconds, after that its closes automatically. The closure is silent and with soft close.

However, should you need to work longer in using the opening of the bin lid, hold the foot button, in the push action, for few seconds allowing the sensors to switch off. This will secure and lock the open position permanently while disposing of the waste for more extended periods.

By tapping or quick kick at the foot button, the lid top will close!

This is a large capacity of 50 Litres, semi-circular in shape with a has a flat back that allows the dustbin to snug against flat walls, end of isle kitchen worktops or solely in an open environment. It comes with an inner removal bin bucket that's easy to clean.

The ideal placement for businesses in reception, canteens, clubs, pubs & restaurants, home office and kitchen.

The toe tap trash can is made from 430 grade; stainless matt brushed silver steel, that's fingerprint, rust and water-resistant. It uses 3 x D size batteries that power the trashcan; if the unit is used 24 times a day, the batteries will last approximately 14 months before the change.

Disposing of litter has never been, so engaging and comfortable to use, bringing us in line with modern and future times.

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